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We welcome queries, year-round, for full-time & part-time tutors & teachers who are suitably qualified and/or experienced. Please be sure to check our Employment Information page for additional details.

Jobs vacancies listed below should be applied for using our online application form. If you wish to make a query as to possible openings for particular subjects, please email

We offer competitive remuneration packages.

Immediate teaching vacancies:

Full-Time/Part-Time teachers

  • Chemistry Tutor, F/T, second science to IGCSE/MYP and advantage
  • Geography Tutor, P/T, specific experience with fieldwork and an interest in the UN SDGs
  • Physics Tutor, F/T, with Maths up to IGCSE/MYP and an interest in the UN SDGs

For all teaching positions, you should:

  • have a relevant honours degree/PGCE, preferably with experience in teaching I/GCSE, AS/A-levels and/or IB.
  • be a native English speaker (or have near native fluency, with the exception of language teachers who should nevertheless be able to communicate effectively in English)
  • have the ability to teach a second subject to lower year groups (an advantage)
  • have the ability to use online virtual classroom software

Job responsibilities are:

  • teaching language/academic subject courses to classes, small groups and individuals both face-to-face and online
  • monitoring and evaluating students’ performance and progress, providing appropriate feedback to parents and managers
  • providing reports each term for all students attending their classes
  • contributing to course development through the production of lesson plans as required
  • attending teacher planning and information sessions

All applicants must have:

  • relevant qualifications
  • at least one year's teaching experience
  • laptop or desktop and a location available for remote working when school forced to close

Vocational trainers/teachers/instructors

We are also keen to work with educators who can offer instruction in vocational and/or professional areas. Examples include accountancy, book-keeping, photography, software, and art. The list is extremely long. We get many queries for these types of courses and would like to be able to cater to this need. If you are interested please contact us to discuss the possibilities. We are happy to enter into revenue sharing agreements which allow you to develop the course as your own business. Please email

ITS also provides facilities for qualified people who wish to run their own courses but need a venue.

For more information please view the Employment Information Page.

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