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Thinking of going to a US university? Planning to take the SAT? 

The SAT Reasoning Test is one of two test options for admission to US universities. Nearly all US four-year colleges and universities require applicants to submit either SAT or ACT scores. For many of the top universities in North America, an SAT or ACT score is just as important for admissions as the applicants' entire academic record.

Michael Li (Director of US Admissions) Demostrates an online SAT class


Michael Li - Advice for applying to US universities


The SAT tests mathematics, English grammar, writing, reading and vocabulary. There are three components to an SAT score: mathematics, reading (consisting of short and long reading passages, and vocabulary) and writing (consisting of a 25-minute essay and multiple choice grammar). To a certain extent, these components are predictable in such a way as coaching and practice can significantly improve scores. 

At ITS, our tutors and classroom teachers have extensive experience in SAT/ACT preparation and US university admissions counseling. Through diagnostic testing and counseling, we can help you decide which test (SAT or ACT) is best for you, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your test-taking skills and your application, and improve your test-scores and chance of admission.

Private Lessons – One-on-one instruction. This is most suitable for students who are looking to improve their scores from 650/800 to 700+.

Small Group Lessons – Groups of up to six (on separate computers) can attend the same online lesson with local peers, or other students internationally. Group lessons are best for students who have not yet been introduced to the questions and style of the SAT.

Large Group Lessons – Groups of larger than six can attend the same lesson on one computer. In these instances, an operator will need to be present to help facilitate our teachers conduct the lesson. Group lessons are best for students at other schools who have not yet been introduced to the SAT.

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