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International A-level | Blended Learning Options

The International A-level is recognised and accepted by colleges, universities and other institutions worldwide. It is most commonly used for admission to undergraduate courses. These video-based courses offer a blended learning approach which combines traditional and alternative educational methods, in combinations determined by the student, to suit each learners’ different needs. Read about each tier of service and decide which one works for you.

AS & A2 available for Accounting & Chemistry

AS available for Biology/Economics/Geography/Mathematics/Physics/Psychology/Business

Accounting | Biology | Chemistry | Economics | Geography | Mathematics | Physics | Psychology | Business


Lessons presented by experienced international teachers

24/7 access to the first part of the course

Access scheduled lessons for rest of course


Lesson access on demand for entire course

Full access to teaching notes for entire course

Full access to revision course


Free consultancy with admission specialists

Receive model answers to homework and assignments

Full access to teacher-moderated, peer-to-peer forum


Free consultancy with admission specialists (US and UK)

Access live, one-to-one tutorial support throughout course

Access exclusive revision support

Two Unit Courses: AS Level - 2 Units | A2 Level - 2 Units 
Subjects: Accounting, Economics, Geography, History, Psychology, Business

Three Unit Courses: AS Level - 3 Units | A2 Level - 3 Units 
Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics



  • You can choose different tier packages for different subjects.
  • The number and type of subjects you take are very important if you wish to use them for further study - you will need to speak with a counsellor to ensure you choose properly.
  • Prices are for the listed content only. Additional costs for text books and exam entry are not included.
  • Purchasing text books is for the student to do via a publishing firm.
  • Exam enrolments are the responsibility of the student although ITS counsellors can advise on centres and deadlines.
  • Not all subjects are available for every exam session; ITS counselors can advise on the exam timetable.

    Pearson Edexcel International A-levels Exam Timetable May -June 2019 and October 2019

    Please see Exam Timetable here.

    Terms & Conditions for Online Learning

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