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Careers lessons push up GCSE grades

A recent study has found pupils who heard directly from employers about the realities of getting a job went on to get better grades. Education Secretary Damian Hinds says it shows the value of telling students ho . . .

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Teenagers given updated advice on A-level choices

This is an interesting article because it is a reminder that there are no definite subject preferences to help university entry, with the exception of some prerequisite subjects when considering subject choice. It . . .

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Japan enacts legislation making preschool education free in US$7 billion bid to expand child care support

It is quite well known that Japan faces an aging population problem combined with a declining birth rate.  The Japanese government has taken many policy actions to try to stem the fall in the amount of childr . . .

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Guilt and social pressure making young Hongkongers choose all work and no play

Having been working in the Hong Kong education sector for over 15 years and having much to do with young people, this article came as little surprise to me. The NGO which conducted the quoted research claims that . . .

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University graduates face tough competition and low salaries as they enter Hong Kong's crowded workforce

A growing problem faced by the youth of Hong Kong (and many other developed Asian cities) is that the number of university graduates is growing faster than the amount of job opportunities for those graduates. The . . .

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The importance of maintaining a healthy and positive mindset in school

The Hong Kong EDB has issued a letter to all of its schools and respective parents stressing the importance of having a healthy and positive mindset when attending school. They have issued teaching guidelines for . . .

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Ofsted boss Amanda Spielman warns mentioning exams ups pressure

The exam period is here with us again. In order to help young people cope with and do well in their exams consideration must be given to how to help young people manage and reduce stress. However, a recent a . . .

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'Aggressive' parents are demanding teachers email and message them on apps 24/7

This recent article from the Independent is outlining a growing problem facing teachers in these days of modern communication devices and social media. “Aggressive” parents are demanding teachers . . .

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