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Clothes Alteration & Repurposing

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A range of courses that teach you how to alter or re-purpose your wardrobe with ease

Clothing alteration for beginners

For students who have never used the sewing machine before or have done only straight stitches, this course mixes basic sewing technique with basic clothing alteration. The course starts with techniques for different fabrics before moving to real alterations.

Lesson 1-2 : Basic use of sewing machine. Machine tension on different fabric. Overlocking machine (serge machine). Stitching and back stitching practise. Assembling seam and seam allowance mechanism. Unpicking a seam.
Lesson 3 : Hemming dresses/ trousers/ skirts/jeans (different finishing techniques)
Lesson 4 : Sewing on buttons/hooks/zipper and other fastenings, fit garment to the body by adjusting the side seams.
Lesson 5 : Sewing elastic band to fit the garment to the body. Changing elastic band
(Students have to prepare articles/samples for lesson 3-5 and they will be told on lesson 2)

The course consists of 5 sessions for a total time of 10 hrs and is priced at HKD2580.

Advanced Clothing alteration

For students who know using the sewing machine or complete our courses “Clothing alteration for beginner” or “Introduction of sewing”.

Lesson 1-2 : Adding darts to garments to fit the body; adding waistband to shape the garment
Lesson 3 : Adjusting armhole to fit the body
Lesson 4 : Patching or adding fabric to undersized garment
Lesson 5 : Handling jersey fabric, neckline alteration
Lesson 6 : Opening slits and finishing application

The course consists of 6 sessions for a total time of 12 hrs and is priced at HKD3080.

Join both beginner and advanced clothing alteration (11 sessions 22 hrs) for HKD 5000 only

Redress workshop

Shaping garments to become something that you want to wear again. Students will create something new from their pre-loved garments through a range of great up-cycling ideas and techniques to breathe new life into a wardrobe.

This is a guided study course for advance students who complete “Clothing alteration for beginner” or “Introduction of sewing” and “Advance Clothing alteration” or who have years of sewing experience.

Students will bring THREE pre-owned garments. They will be guided to brainstorm the recycling idea, planning and action. The course includes completion of three recycle garment.

The course consists of 9 sessions for a total time of 18 hrs and is priced at HKD4750. Students can enrol into THREE sessions for ONE recycle garment at HKD1650. The course has to be completed within six months.

Join beginner, advance clothing alteration and full redress workshop (20 sessions 40 hrs) for only HKD 9200.

Important note :

We would like to highlight the following point from our normal terms & conditions.

The session numbers shown are the average expected time taken to complete the course. However, we appreciate some students are slower and some are faster. Our classes are organised as workshops to allow for different paces. If someone is genuinely slower to get through the work then we may allow them to attend additional time. If this is apparent we will discuss with you as to whether we need to make an additional charge. If students finish quicker than the stated time there is no discount/refund/credit. The price is to cover the knowledge and practice gained not time spent in the class. There is no benefit to going faster for no reason. If you work naturally faster then you have gained time but the price remans the same.

Please note that in addition to the main ITS terms and conditions, fashion course have some additional conditions. Please read them here.

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