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Design And Make Your Own Hand Bag

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Make your own designer handbag. A great way to give yourself an opportunity to present your individual feeling of trend, spirit and identity. Plus that designing and making your own handbag is really making an announcement about yourself! 

Learn to make bags like a professional in friendly, supportive small-group workshops . You'll be amazed at what you can achieve when you're given the right guidance!

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The Winner of Bag Design and Making at ITS Fashion Show

Bag Making Course

Fabric and Leather



Session 1:

  • Introduction and overview
  • Exercise and assessment deadlines
  • Equipment
  • Design, fabric and drawing basics
  • Draw bag


Session 2:

  • Production drawing
  • Pattern and mock-up
  • Sizing and design theory
  • Bag tech pack - specification
  • Make bag tech pack


 Session 3:

  • Fabric bag drafting


Session 4 and 5:

  • Bag sewing theory
  • Bag sewing and tech making


Fabric bag – draft and make

Session 6:
  • Leather overview
  • Leather bag plan
  • Tech pack


Leather bag plan 

Session 7:

  • Bag design presentation
  • Drawing and colouring
Sessions 8 to 10:
Make leather bag


Session 11:
  • Bag collection


Bag making Hong kong

Workshop format – join any time, must complete within 15 weeks.

Maximum 6 in any one workshop
Students must provide their own fabrics and materials for bag. The school provides tips on where to buy. School provides machines, thread, tools etc. 

Price: $8800

Sessions to be taken from the following:

Morning session: 10am – 12noon
Early afternoon session: 1pm – 3pm
Late afternoon session: 4pm – 6pm

Sessions to be taken from the following:
Evening session: 7pm – 9pm

We also offer customized schedules for private lessons.

Students can choose to attend more than one session a week if they wish. 
email: for more details
Profiles of the teachers at ITS and Fa Fashion Project 
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Please note that in addition to the main ITS terms and conditions, fashion course have some additional conditions. Please read them here.

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