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Future skills : beyond academics for the 21st century

ITS Education Asia was founded on the principal of helping the individual stand out. EtonX is founded on the same principals. To keep up with our changing world, students need to be great communicators, great collaborators, adaptable, resilient and creative. EtonX courses bridge the gap academic success and life in the real world.

ITS is now working with EtonX in Hong Kong to deliver these great supplementary courses so that students can grow beyond the standard school and enhance their academic progression and ultimately employment prospects.

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EtonX Courses brought to you by ITS Education Asia


Develop the confidence to face life's challenges and reach your full potential.


Feel more capable and in control of your life. Gain insights into your emotions and start to manage your wellbeing. Learn how to bounce back from failure and achieve your life goals.

  • Understand and regulate your emotions
  • Handle stress and learn from setbacks
  • Have a positive, optimistic attitude
  • Build strong, trusting relationships

Making an Impact

Become more assertive and learn how to be confident and persuasive.

Making an Impact

Learn how to become more assertive, confidently communicate your ideas and opinions, and improve your influencing skills.

  • Communicate your opinions
  • Build trust and empathy
  • Understand techniques to persuade
  • Identify goals & achieve them

Research Skills

Develop the skills for independent research at school and university.

Research Skills

Develop your ability to conduct independent research beyond your textbooks or basic internet search. Learn how to gather information and to structure the research process.

  • Define your information need
  • Use critical reading techniques
  • Use advanced search features
  • Convey your findings in a credible way

Public Speaking

Work on delivering engaging speeches and presentations with confidence

Public Speaking

Improve your ability to speak in all kinds of contexts, from formal speeches in front of an audience to class presentations. Learn how to overcome nerves, engage your audience and deal with difficult questions.

  • Overcome your nerves and anxiety
  • Deal with difficult questions
  • Engage your audience
  • Highlight key points with pausing,
  • pacing and signposting

Job Interview Skills

Go to interviews feeling calm, confident and more prepared

Job Interview Skills

Improve your ability to make a good impression in the vital first moments of the interview. Learn how to manage your nerves and deal with tricky questions.

  • Research and prepare
  • Think on your feet
  • Talk about strengths & weaknesses
  • Manage interview nerves


Learn how to build the business of tommorrow.


Learn to generate, develop & refine your business ideas. Acquire the confidence to start pitching your vision to others.

  • Think & act like an entrepreneur
  • Identify problems and opportunities
  • Generate ideas that solve problems
  • Pitch your idea to others

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  • Suitable for ages 14-20
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