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ITS has teamed up with Bear Code from HKU to bring exciting and incredibly useful advanced learning to you.

Think, Create, and Inspire

Our courses are tailor made to give young tech enthusiasts aged 12 — 18 a head-start into the next technological wave. We offer regular term courses, holiday camps and workshops that are designed to augment formal education. Bear Code Academy is the first HK-based Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) focused education organisation led by a group of top universities researchers.

Introduction to Python (Course A)

Introduction to Python (Course A)

Understand the theory of programming

Write simple code in Python

Build a simple game with Python

Introduction to A.I. - Facial Recognition (Course B)

Introduction to A.I. - Facial Recognition (Course B)

Understand the basic theory of Artificial Intelligence

Able to use Artificial Intelligence method and apply in Facial Recognition

Build a Facial Recognition program

Introduction to Robotics Control (Course C)

Introduction to Robotics Control (Course C)

Create devices that read the data about the external world with a variety of sensors

Receive and forward this data to a PC, the Internet and mobile devices, and control indexing and the movement


4 X 2.5 hour classes


Spring Session Course A | April 6, 13, 20, 27 (Saturdays) 3pm — 530pm
Spring Session Course C | May 4, 11, 18, 25 (Saturdays) 3pm — 530pm
Summer Session Course B | July 22 — July 26 (Mon to Fri) 1030am — 1pm
Summer Session Course C | August 12 — 16 (Mon to Fri) 1030am — 1pm


Course A | HKD4000
Course B | HKD4500
Course C | HKD4500 (plus HKD650 materials fee)

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