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Teenagers given updated advice on A-level choices

By Sue Smith

This is an interesting article because it is a reminder that there are no definite subject preferences to help university entry, with the exception of some prerequisite subjects when considering subject choice. It shows that students are better off focusing on subjects they are good at or enjoy, instead of on just a narrow band of academic subjects. A subject you like can often be one which you are willing to work harder at, and this extra effort is often reflected in your results. It is also the case that the actual content of most secondary school subjects is not as important as the skills you learn from studying them. There is no reason not to take an unusual combination of subjects if that is what you want to do, and it is largely unlikely to affect whether a university accepts you. You should, however, research possible course choices thoroughly, especially if there are any prerequisite subjects needed.

There is no point applying for a medical degree with subjects like Business and French although sometimes an unusual subject combination can help you to stand out. 


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